Taking the robot out of humans

DigiBlu are building SAs leading robotic process automation practice. Put simply, we help our clients automate mundane, routine, manually intensive processes using software robots. It is especially appropriate for back office, “swivel chair” type processes where people sit at workstations taking in work from many electronic inputs (like emails and spreadsheets), process them by accessing more systems, and then update the completed work into yet other systems (like ERP or CRM). This frees up workers onto more value adding tasks that require human interaction, interpretation and judgment (thus “taking the robot out of the human”). The software “bots” speed turnaround, improve accuracy, consistency and compliance and can significantly reduce costs.

Partnering with Blue Prism (UK) and the Reveal Group (Australia), we leverage leading practice, global experience to combine pioneering robotic process automation software with workforce management solutions to quickly identify, quantify, prioritize and realize the maximum benefits associated with combining a human and virtual workforce.

With engagements in SA and Europe, we’re looking to recruit. Candidates will require a good mix of Business Processes Management and IT skills, business thinking and be client focused. Responsibilities will include: understanding as-is processes, defining new business rules, configuring new automated processes using workflow principles and supporting and mentoring the operational teams through implementation and to build internal capability. We are also looking for consultants to design joint human and virtual workforces, analyse performance data and coach management to achieve significant performance uplift.

Drop me a line if this sounds interesting (steve.burke@digiblu.co.za)