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Robotic Process Automation

from Blue Prism  


depoyed as a strategic enterprise asset


As the pioneer, innovator and market leader in RPA, Blue Prism delivers the world’s most successful Digital Workforce. The company’s software robots automate repetitive administrative rules-based tasks while meeting the requirements of the most demanding IT environments, where security, compliance and scalability are paramount

Blue Prism provides a scalable and robust execution platform for best-of-breed AI and cognitive technologies and has emerged as the trusted and secure RPA platform of choice for the Fortune 500. In South Africa, DigiBlu has implemented Blue Prism for many leading corporates. Billions of transactions and hundreds of millions of hours of work are executed on Blue Prism robots

Blue Prism was named one of MIT Tech Review’s 50 Smartest Companies, won the 2017 UK Tech award and was acknowledged by Everest Research as an RPA market leader in their PEAK Matrix Assessment report in 2018

An independent survey (Capital Knowledge Partners) reported a 96% overall satisfaction rate with the Blue Prism platform including a 97% rating for its ability to scale. The remarkably high satisfaction results go a long way into explaining why Blue Prism is achieving 100% renewal rates

DigiBlu helps clients develop strategies for RPA, run opportunity assessments, set up Centre-of-Excellences and implement and operate Blue Prism. In addition, we use Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program, which provides reference architectures and pre-integration with the likes of Microsoft Azure, Google AI and AWS to rapidly integrate AI and cloud with Blue Prism’s RPA

Intelligent Automation

from Thoughtonomy 


deployed over the cloud and as-a-service


Thoughtonomy, the pioneers in Intelligent Automation, provide a platform that combines RPA with artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing to deliver a flexible pool of digital labour. With frictionless cloud deployment and as-a-service delivery, the platform requires no infrastructure, no replacement of applications, software development or system integration. This makes it quick and easy to implement.

In DigiBlu, we favour Thoughtonomy when organisations are looking to go straight to Intelligent Automation and 4th Industrial Revolution capabilities, without first deploying RPA; for incumbent businesses looking to leverage legacy IT for renewed competitive advantage; for multi-nationals with geographically distributed operations; and businesses that wish to avoid the cost and complexity of building IT environments and the infrastrucure required to internally host RPA

The platform delivers three core capabilities:

  • Understanding – use of cognitive AI capabilities to structure and trigger RPA. This opens up many more use cases and allows organisations to reimagine their customer-facing processes, from first-touch to fulfilment
  • Orchestration – use of intelligent orchestration and machine learning to schedule the completion of work in line with business objectives and SLAs. This makes Thoughtonomy super agile and productive
  • Execution – use of RPA to process repetitive rules-based tasks, up to 100 times quicker than human workers

In 2018 alone, Thoughtonomy was recognized as a Leader in Everest Group’s RPA – Technology Vendor landscape, received FStech’s ‘Cloud Computing Innovation of the Year’ Award, was awarded best Intelligent Automation Solution by Blue Prism and is ranked no.4 by the Sunday Times among the UK’s fastest growing tech companies

Training and Resource 

from Robiquity SA 


Blue Prism’s first Authorised Training Partner


Realising that the stellar growth in RPA could not be sustained without skilled people, Robiquity set out to develop training courses for automation analysts and developers so that the supply of skills could keep up with demand. Robiquity’s certified Bootcamp is the result of a nine-month collaboration with Blue Prism.

DigiBlu holds the SA franchise for Robiquity and incorporates its certified training courses into its client implementations to get them self-sufficient, quickly. The developer Bootcamp trains up to 10 delegates per course on all aspects of the Blue Prism application and condenses 3-4 month’s theoretical and practical exposure into an intense 2-week classroom course, which culminates in the opportunity to sit the Blue Prism Accreditation Exam. From Bootcamp, the newly trained developers are assigned to a 10-week Academy where they automate their own company’s processes and take them into production, under the supervision of DigiBlu senior developer leads. The Bootcamp & Academy graduates emerge fully production-ready to form the core of the client’s RPA competence, meaning no more reliance on expensive consultants!

Robiquity SA also runs analyst courses and provides Bootcamp training for individuals too. Get in touch to find out when the next course is running.

RPA implementation programmes can require large numbers of analysts and developers. Once implemented, however, the Digital Workforce is run by only a handful of process controllers. Organisations can struggle to select, train and retain specialist resource during the course of the implementation, but don’t need all of them after. DigiBlu can help over the period of the implementation by providing Robiquity-qualified contractors, at rates much cheaper than consultants