Robotic Process Automation – the journey has begun

Robotic Process Automation – the journey has begun

Robotics will soon be ubiquitous and, with the ‘bots’ coming, advantage lies with organisations that can unlock the full potential of automation technologies. Facing relentless pressure to reduce costs, and with challenger start-ups being fully automated by design, incumbents are driven to innovate their operating models to dramatically reduce costs and increase the speed of innovation.

About 35% of current jobs in the UK are at high risk of computerisation over the following 20 years according to a study by researchers at Oxford University. A report by McKinsey estimates that as many as 110 to 140 million FTEs could be replaced by automation by 2025.

And the journey has begun, with organisations worldwide already creating virtual workforces:

  • A UK bank that has been on the automation journey since 2006 has automated approximately 30% of its operations processes using Blue Prism
  • An international bank has automated a range of processes, saving over 1000 FTE. Another global tier 1 bank recently placed an order with Blue Prism for >1000 robots
  • A global telco uses 160 software robots to process up to 500,000 transactions each month, yielding a three-year return on investment of up to 800% and reducing turnaround times from days to just minutes
  • Something like 40% of Business Process Outsourcers are already using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

DigiBlu are specialists in implementing RPA and creating virtual workforces. You may not know where to start on your journey to automation, and your end destination may not be fully defined, but we have the expertise to help you on your way: starting small with a Pilot, drafting the roadmap, scaling fast and capturing the benefits.